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Episode #15: You Were Born Awesome

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Welcome to episode 15 of LIT! My name is Ravi Toor, and I’m your host. Thank you for taking another 15 minutes out of your week to join me. It’s a total honour to be able to chat with you guys each week and pump you full of inspiration, motivation, and practicality which you can apply to your daily life because let’s face it, some of you are fighting the good fight and need all the support you can get. Thanks for supporting me, and I promise to keep supporting you, so let’s get into today’s episode already!


Last week, I talked to you about your truth. I hope it was powerful enough to get you to really start thinking about yourself, your truths and what it is you want out of life because today, I’m going to start to draw some of that inherent greatness you have within, out of you.


I titled this episode “You Were Born Awesome” for one reason, it’s true, and a lot of you need a reminder of this.  You were born amazing, awesome and full of greatness. There’s no other way to explain the beauty of you. Before life and all of its filters and conditioning, you were born with vast potential, inherent greatness and opportunity to become whatever you choose to be, to do whatever you wanted to do and to take on life as if it were limitless. So if that’s the case, why don’t most see or believe this very fact? Before I explain why, let’s look at you right now, where you are. For many of you who are listening, you’ve found  LIT by searching the self-help section of your iTunes, you searched the term mindset in Facebook or you looked at motivation hashtags on Insta. For some of you, this is a daily dose of inspo or a firm kick in the ass, a reminder to keep moving forward but for some of you, this is something more. For some of you, this episode could just be the answer, the direction or the validation you’ve been looking for that could change everything for you in your life. And, although, that makes me very happy that you would choose LIT to be a change vehicle for you, I have to clear one thing up… if you don’t consciously realize awesomeness and greatness are your defaults by nature, nothing you consume will create the change you’re yearning for.

What I mean by this is, all this searching and listening does you no good if you don’t actually accept yourself for who you really are and believe it wholeheartedly. So, today, my hopes are to help you do that very thing, believe in yourself. To do that, let’s start way back when you were born. Before your unconscious mind began its collection of all the world’s filters and impression, you were born awesome, you were born with potential and greatness.

When you were born, the first thing you did was you defied all the odds. Understand this, the Universe chose you to be born! Do you know that? No for real, take a fucking minute to soak that one in. The Universe didn’t make you a tree, it didn’t make you a keyboard, you weren’t the sperm that didn’t make it, nope…you were born a human. That, by all logic means, you were born into and for greatness. And when you were born, you were a clean slate, you were fresh. From the moment you were conceived to the moment you took your first breath, what you did was access your innate potential without even truly understanding what your potential was. Let’s take the example of breathing. When you were still a fetus, you were in a sac of liquid. You lived therefore 9 months, just floating about while connected to a cord. When you came popping out, your environment changed. In order for you to survive, you needed to take your first breath. You needed to learn really quickly how to breathe. Did you have a manual? Did the Doctor coach you like, ok, Jen, inhale, and exhale? Fuck no. No one told you, no one showed you or taught you how to breathe. You did that on your own. Sure, you may have needed some physical help due to the change of environment and all that other jazz but the point is, you got it, you somehow knew. And with that deep trust, something you couldn’t even understand at the time, you took your first breath and you began your life.

Actually, when you sit back and think of all your developmental stages from when you were a baby to a toddler, much of the same occurred. For example, let’s look at crawling. Again, you didn’t have a manual teaching you how to crawl. You figured that shit out too. How? Simple. We’re highly intelligent beings. We watch, we feel, we move, we listen, we know, and what we don’t know, we somehow figure it out. We absorb information that pulsates through our being from different avenues, some external but many internal. So, when the time came for you to start moving, you and your body connected the two and two together. You absorbed the information, you processed the information and you applied yourself. You knew how to crawl or better yet, you knew you could do it and that you wanted to do it. That knowing is the very essence that gave you the ability to try in the first place. Now, at the time, you may not have understood what you were doing, much like the breathing at birth, but you knew you wanted to achieve mobility and so you tried, and tried, and tried, and tried till one day, it just happened.

This is the point I want you to gain out of this episode today. Before you even fully understood it, you knew from birth you were really amazing, awesome and full of greatness. I’m not just blowing steam up your ass or trying to push another rah-rah episode out on you. You really are amazing.

You defying the odds, and becoming a human being, proves it. You taking your first breath without ever being taught how to do so proves it. You learning how to crawl just because your body moved a certain way and you picked up on it, proves it. You being here, today, learning, listening and dedicating yourself to yourself, proves it.

Now, if all that is true, by all means, it sounds like life should have worked out exactly how you planned. You should be sitting on the top of the world right now. But for many of you, that’s not the case. Why?

Well, you believing in your inherent talent at being awesome, gifted and great kind of got all fucked up the moment another human got in your way. Don’t get me wrong, other humans are important and vital to our success but a lot of the humans you and I have encountered in our daily lives are not whole themselves – they do not believe in their inherent greatness. They don’t believe in their talents as they are, they believe in all the opposite. Through conditioning, many of your teachers in life have had their true abilities thwarted because they’ve been conditioned by other people in their own lives. Your teachers, much like yourself today, were all pumped with teaching from other people. They were conditioned by emotional events and memories that shaped who they are today. This shaped their perceptions of their world and their abilities. And so, when it came to you, your teachers bestowed onto you only what they knew. And depending on their teachings, you either came out believing in yourself, all of your talents and your inherent greatness meaning you can achieve anything you want or, you came out not believing in yourself, believing nothing will work out for you and you’re meant for nothing, keeping you stuck in the cycle of stagnation in life.

Now, before we start hating on all your teachers, I urge you to take a minute and have some empathy for them. Doing this will help you grow exponentially. Please realize, just like you, many of your teachers received messaging without even really understanding the power of the messaging until later in life. So, for the majority of their lives, they lived their lives through unconscious fears, pains, guilt, and shame, and this invariably shaped the decisions they made. This shaped the risks they took. This shaped the person they became today. This also shaped the messages they gave you, the teachings they put upon you.

Remember, just like you, others have been ingrained with conditioned scripts of how to think and how to be. To be blunt, you’re not special in this department. Instead, what makes you far superior, different and totally fucking special in this very moment is you not only having the awareness that yes, those before me were conditioned to be a certain way but also, through that conditioning, they unconsciously imposed those scripts on me. That’s the real special way of thinking because now, you’re realizing that it’s not permanent, right?

What you’ve been conditioned with is nothing to be afraid of, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, Instead, it’s something to be aware of. Remember, self-awareness? That’s right. The more you’re aware of the conditioned scripts that do not serve you and are inhibiting you from tapping into who you always were, that awesome muthafucker, that great one, that’s when you create transformation. That’s when you truly start to create the shifts you need to really impact your life in a significantly positive way.

So, if you take one thing away from episode it’s that you’re amazing. Beyond all of your conditioning, beyond all of the scripting, beyond all of your life events and emotional memories, you were born with greatness. You defied the odd before you even understood what the odds were. You took action before you knew what the results were going to be. You committed to your life before you knew what life was. You, in all your innocence and purity, were born with great potential that never was taken away, instead, focus on this potential was shifted by others, by conditioning, and by experiences. That means, that very greatness never went away. You’re still full of the same potential and greatness you were born with, it’s just been shelved way back there with the other dusty things in your life.

Today, I want you to take this message and act on it. Put me and your potential to the test. Apply yourself to something new today. Take a risk that means everything to you today. Reach for that star you’ve been meaning to touch. I promise you will figure it out. I promise you will reach it. I promise you’ll make the transformations you’ve been yearning for but only, only if you truly walk away from this episode believing in yourself, in your inherent awesomeness and greatness. Only then will you finally feel and see the shifts, and only then will you start to practically apply yourself to you and your dreams.

Give up on the stuff that no longer serves you, step into your life and walk your path. Mark this day as the day you are no longer limited, instead, you’re limitless.