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She’s a motivated and driven individual with integrity and a strong work ethic

I primarily chose Ravi Toor as a business/operations consultant because I felt the fit. I believed it would be a collaboratively co-creative endeavor, and it absolutely was. In fact, it is what I liked most about our working relationship, along with her patience, and compassion, as she allayed my concerns and kept us on task, and time.

If you are considering hiring Ravi, I absolutely encourage you to go for it. You will not only benefit from her skills and expertise at making your operational systems and processes sing, but you will also have the pleasure of working with a motivated and driven individual with integrity, and a strong work ethic. It doesn’t get any better than that, in my book. 

Vidya Ananthanarayanan

The Life Adventure Guide, Totally Vidya Life Coaching LLC

She’s the Bridge to Your “Next Level”

Ravi Toor is such an amazing mentor and thought leader! When I first spoke with her, I was already “successful” in many ways. However, I needed a special kind of mentorship to get through blocks and learn how to manage my goals for my own life, in addition to the goals I have for helping others in powerful ways through my business. 

After our first call, she left me feeling heard, understood, and helped me with a level of clarity that I had no idea I could achieve. As we know, you need to have that clarity first, in order to achieve any goal fully.

I highly recommend Ravi to any developing leader – she’s the bridge to reaching your “next level”. 

Ashley Cheeks

CEO , Written Success

Her ability to pinpoint obstacles and develop strategies is unmatched! 

I’ve had the honor of working with Ravi over the past few years and have personally seen the complete transformation she’s had on emerging leaders and, consequently, their movements. It is nothing short of miraculous. Her ability to pinpoint obstacles for reaching lofty goals and develop strategies for overcoming them is unmatched.

She’s the guiding force behind some of the most phenomenal shifts in thought leadership you didn’t even know about. She will be your best-kept secret and secret asset in changing the world with your important, disruptive, critically-needed mission.

If you’re reading this because you’re considering reaching out to Ravi for support on leadership development, conscious impact strategies, or coaching, do yourself a favor… stop overthinking and just reach out personally. One call will tell you how crucial it would be to work with her.

Amber Brooks

Brand Strategist & Copywriter, Amber Brooks

She is Brilliant! 

I’ve worked with Ravi off and on over the last few years. She is brilliant! Building strategies and plans that have specific direction is something that comes naturally to her. She is able to take an idea and bring it to life with a clearly defined plan. Her consulting is top-notch and I highly recommend working with her.

Amalie Shaffer

Co-Owner & Integrator, Systematic Excellence Consulting ystematic Excellence Consulting

Ravi Came Highly Recommended

As a speaker for a Take Back the Night event that I hosted in May 2018, she did not disappoint. She provided an engaging and powerful presentation of strength, hope, and recovery that has been reflected on by participants as a highlight of the event. Staff, volunteers, and attendees alike have reported they were able to connect with Ravi through her story.

She is a natural born presenter and one that I will definitely be contacting to return for future events. Dr. Zoë Sehn

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Ravi’s No BS Approach Transformed My Life

I was terrified to be visible online. Ravi’s no bs approach helped transform my life. Within 6 sessions, I was clear on my purpose, more productive, focused and certain. Most of all, today, I am visible and want to be seen and heard! Kaitlin Daur

Coach , Nomad Fitness

Ravi Helped Me Get Clear and Feel More Confident

Ravi helped me feel more confident, get clear on my direction, my audience and my values! Results: 2 months later, 10 Sales Calls and several yeses turned into booked, paying clients! Viviana Di Leo

Coach , My Window To The Lake

When You Hire Ravi, You Invest in the Best for Yourself!

I’ve gone through several coaches before, both life and a business coaches. I’m picky when I chose my coaches because I’ve been burned before. I want a coach who I know will give me results that wouldn’t make me feel dependant on them for the rest of my life. Then came Ravi. The way she spoke, how frank and honest she was, resounded to me on so many levels. More specifically on finding my identity and confidence as I forge my path into a new direction of having my own business.

After my sessions with her, I now have my foundation that I can always go back to when the going gets tough. I recognized my strengths and learned how to love my self more each day. The way she gives you feedback and homework ensures that there is work that is beyond the session and it starts with you. When you hire Ravi, you invest in the best for yourself. It might not be easy but oh so worth it. As for my next agenda, I want to keep this positive mindset of abundance, love, peace and confidence as a constant in my life.

Thank you so much, Ravi, for showing me the way to loving myself and a better way to live my life! Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey

Owner , Read It To Me

Ravi helped me to unravel SO MUCH

Before I hired Ravi as my coach, I struggled with finding my creative vibe and some past, negative money stories. I could voice these stories but didn’t know how to get past them. A few sessions with Ravi helped me to unravel SO MUCH of the mental damage these stories had perpetrated over the years. She is pure magic. There’s no other description for what she did. And that whole pesky lack of creative vibe thingy? Yes, she figured that out as well…in about 10 minutes. It was straight up voodoo magic of the most loving kind.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a coach, you will gain so much more than you expect if you invest in Ravi and yourself! Brandi Esler

Owner , A Better Way VA

Ravi is the Dream Whisperer!

She has a special talent to really listen. She understood my needs and wants while muddling through the noise to bring me to my goals. I suffered from mindset issues and overwhelm like any other entrepreneur working to build their dreams. Ravi was able to figure out the best exercises and kick-butt motivating words to get me going, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Ravi’s coaching and mindset practices are what helped me leave my 9-5 gig and take a running leap towards establishing my design business and seeking out new opportunities that I would have otherwise shied away from. A million time thank you, Ravi.

If you need a go-to-girl to get you and your dreams aligned and moving forward, don’t let her slip by. She’ll rock your dreams and give you a ton of laughs doing so. Jackie Dee

Creative Director, Jackie Dee

I’m impressed with her ability to listen and to bring it all together

Ravi was able to pinpoint who I am and my strengths very quickly! I was impressed with her ability to listen and to bring it all together.  Stacie M.

Ravi is All Kinds of Wonderful and Talented!

Amazing, hard-working, insightful and did I say amazing. If you need a loving kick in the rear, this is the place to go. Ravi is all kinds of wonderful and talented.

She knows her stuff, is organized and can pull the best out of both people and projects. Linda Marie

Social Media Manager, Dashlin Now

Ravi is Amazing!

My coaching session with Ravi was perfect. She was able to provide insight into me and essentially acted as a mirror, recognizing and confirming my struggles. There was a healthy balance of conversation between the two of us which allowed me to convey information while still learning new concepts.

Ravi is amazing at reading body language, voice, and mannerisms. and was able to help by creating a plan of action. Christy ViIlaseñor

Project Manager & Digital Marketer, Good Things Indeed

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