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Episode #14: How Truth Sets You Free

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Welcome to episode 14 of LIT! My name is Ravi Toor, and I’m your host. Welcome to all my returning listeners. I’m so glad to have you back. To all my new listeners, what’s up, you’re in for a great episode today. For anyone who’s enjoyed LIT thus far, be sure to hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and don’t forget to leave a rating and review. This helps me during production to make the best episode I can for you based on your feedback. So, get to it!


Ok, for the last 13 episodes, I’ve been talking to you about personal development. During these episodes, I’ve given you practical steps that you can apply to your life right now, wherever you are, so you can start working on your personal growth. But today, I wanna shift gears. Today, I want to talk very specifically about you, your potential, committing to yourself and realizing how we live today vs how we can actually start to live our lives today.

Let’s start with you. Over the course of the last 4 months, I’ve talked about you but in different ways. Each time I’ve talked about you, I’ve raised something you can work on to advance yourself in different areas. So, whether that’s practicing self-awareness to find your authentic voice or talking to you about habits and how you can start to actively break your bad habits, you’ve been given practical steps to create change. Now, I want to talk about you and change.


Why am I encouraging you to work on yourself to create change? Why am I urging you to create change?

When I started LIT, I was very clear on one thing. This show is meant to inspire leadership from the ordinary person to become extraordinary in their own lives, creating personal transformations. This, as an end result in my mind, automatically starts the ball moving for global transformation. So, what’s the deal? Why?

Point blank? Today, more than ever, we have major issues in the world. Today, we’re seeing massive negative impacts of poverty, injustice, fear, conformity, technology, and falsehoods. Today, we’re further away from truths than we’ve ever been. But here’s the kicker, today, more than ever, your truths are screaming from within but the problem is, you don’t know what to do with them.

Most of us are not living by our truths. What’s truth anyways? When I used this term among my mastermind, or my marketing geniuses, I’m always prompted to change the linguistics of that very word because apparently no one would identify with the word truth or understand what I’m talking about but I’m here to say that’s fucking bullshit. I know you know what truth is. I also know you know what your truths are. Yet, many often mock the very word or symbolism of truth and so here we are. We sit in a day and age where destruction and divisiveness are common theme. We sit in a day and age where truth no longer matters, apparently, instead, it’s about the immediate gratification, upholding conformity and silencing realism. But we all know, that’s not going too well because these very actions are no longer just things you see on the TV, these are things that are negatively impacting you personally. You’re feeling the trickle-down effect.

When you wake up, what’s the first thing on your mind? Are you worried about something in your daily life? Are you worried even more about the larger situation at play in the political atmosphere you reside in? Are you unsure of the direction you’re supposed to take? Do you struggle with the voice inside of you that wants something more, something different, something sustainable and rewarding? Are you sick and tired of the same thing day in and day out? Do you think, I’ll make that change tomorrow, I’ll do that thing tomorrow and then when tomorrow comes, not only have you not done it but now you’re mad at yourself, disappointed with yourself and your negative mindset starts to cycle it’s commentary to you about what a failure you really are in life?

Tough shit I’m asking, right?

That’s the thing. Today, I think we need to remove the romanticism we’ve fallen out of love with and move into what’s actually real. We need to move into truth beyond anything. And to do that, we have to start with you. You have to get real as fuck with yourself to understand what’s impacting you in a negative way. What changes do you need to see in your life so you can wake the fuck up? What will it take to shake you out of your slumber and into awake action?

It sounds like a shit ton of spiritual babble but it’s really not the case. These words that I’m using are words you’re familiar with. They’re words you know because you hear them from within. You talk with friends over drinks and these are some of the words you use. You debate about world issues and you know, almost each and every one of you sitting in that room has felt a negative impact of playing the sheep yet, no one’s really interested in making a big shift because that would be crazy.

Well, what if I said crazy is what we need today? We need you, round peg. We need you to not fit anymore. We need you to rise up to the occasion and create change in your life. Maybe that looks like being more mindful so you can start to tally up what’s not working in your life so you can remove these things. Maybe it’s about changing your lifestyle so that you’re healthier and happier which means you’re more action-orientated, you have faith in yourself and you know you can do more.

When I think about global change, and I think about it often, I think about people. For sure I think about the leaders representing the world today but I also know they’re a dying bunch. Age has something to do with it but also, truth has everything to do with it. When looking at politics, I see younger people being voted in. I see diversity being voted in, I see change being voted in. I see, the truth of the people being voted in. When I look at businesses and brands, I see brands who used to hold power like nobody’s business slowly losing their stronghold in marketship because the audience is seeking truth. They’re seeking integrity, honesty, and reliability. Sure, we are still buying, but we’ve changed our buying habits a bit. We’re now looking into the brands we’re consuming. Are they good stewards of the world? Are they contributing? Are they impacting the world in a negative way? Think about it, your favorite things like football, athleticism, arts, movies, all that shit is now being impacted by truth. Global security is predicated on truth, that’s how I see that shit. And so, again, what the fuck does that mean for me, Ravi?

Simple. You are not only the problem but you are also the solution. How are you the problem? If you continue to ignore your truths and you sit on your hands uber miserable with your life, you’re the fucking problem. If you’re moving with conformity of the old way, pretending you don’t see and hear, you’re the fucking problem.

But, in that same breath, if you realize you need something more, you need meaning, direction, a change, you’re the solution. Realizing and knowing that is the first step. Then taking action to actually change your circumstances is the next part to the solution. The more people I can get on board with this concept, the more I can inflict change. The more I can aggravate the crazy’s to start marching to their own beats.

Conformity was created by the powerful to ensure they maintain power. That foundation is crumbling before our very eyes. The impacts? The powerful will still be ok. Remember, they’ve built this shit over a span of a very long time. It’s you and me that are going to feel the impacts, I mean, let’s get real, we already are. But when this dog and pony show finally does come to an end, it’s going to be you and me that will be highly impacted, left holding the fucking bag. And trust me, this ain’t some conspiracy-minded shit, it’s the truths. It’s real, it’s playing out in front of our eyes every fucking single day. And every time you say, I can’t believe this is happening or you lift your jaw from the floor, most of us turn around and resume our day’s like usual, without realizing we’re becoming more and more desensitized to the negatives that are playing out every minute of each day.  

You need to get up and change, and that starts in your life. What do you want to see? How do you want to feel? What needs to change in order for you to get you there? How can you impact your community, starting with those closest to you? How would you change them? How would seeing you as a leader, as a steward of your own life’s happiness impact the way your closest see you and in turn, themselves?

What would that look like as a trickle-down effect? How would that start to impact communities of others? Do you get it? This isn’t rocket science nor is this some woo-woo shit no one should listen to. Instead, it’s truth. It’s real, it’s playing out before our very eyes.

You’re even seeing companies get on board with the very concept of truth. You’re seeing companies urging changemakers to wake up, and here’s the deal, they’re talking to the ordinary you. They’re not making commercials for stars and the extraordinary, they’re talking to you. Hell, I was highly disturbed but impressed at Trump using truth as a talking point in his State of Union address. The reality is, everyone’s caught on. It’s not just the Truth Seekers who are looking to expose the truths, it’s the everyday person who’s going from home to work, who’s paying bills, who’s living an over-leveraged life, who’s being dealt a shitty hand when the home they own is being repo’d. It’s the government workers being shut out of work over fucking squabble of insanity. It’s the Attorney General stepping down in honor of truths. It’s the 4-year-old who innocently asks about truth. It’s here, people. Truth is here and it’s here to stay.

So, to set you up for success, I want you to commit to yourself. That’s the thing. I want you to finally accept yourself as who you are, accept your passions, accept what you won’t stand by and take. Accept that your truths matter.

That gives you the power to reclaim your life, to rise awake, to take leadership, to take your life into your own hands and to create prosperity, happiness, and justice on your own. It’s about taking those crazy ideas of yours and trying them out. It’s about learning to accept you’re meant for more. It’s about designing a life where you’re no longer ok with conformity, the establishment and all that is when it comes to being a sheep and instead, standing up for your truths, your values, and your morals. It’s about letting your rants be heard in the world because your words matter. It’s about respecting yourself so you can respect others. It’s about no longer accepting silence as currency to live by, instead, it’s about accepting resistance to the very falsehoods we’ve been encouraged to live by.

When you choose to live by your truths, you choose to live in freedom. You choose to live awake. You choose to live in life. You choose your life. When you live by your truths, you’re empowered, you’re capable, and you’re brilliant.

And once you realize that, your truths set you free from judgments, criticism, constraints, and constructs, you then realize how powerful you really are. This concept of leadership all of a sudden makes sense. Of course you’re part of the puzzle, of course, you’re meant for massive and amazing things in life. Of course, your life has meaning and purpose. What a silly way to think otherwise. Yet, here we are being told, yeah that’s such a fantastical way of thinking, it’s outrageous and no one sane thinks like that. On the fucking contrary.

The most genius minds of our time and times before were all people who thought like that. That’s how innovations came to be. It’s how we moved from cavemen to super-evolved beings creating what should be life but now destruction by every word that comes out of our mouth.

So, what’s the point? I want you to wake up. Get real with yourself. Get honest with yourself. What do you want? What is going to shake you to make a change in your life? Even a small change. Whatever that looks like, maybe you’re not happy with being broke all the time, or maybe you’re really not happy with what you’re seeing on the news. Maybe you’re not happy with the poverty in your local community or maybe you’re not down with bashing mental health anymore. Maybe you’re sick and tired of your healthcare system or you’re no longer into paying the monopolizing governmental organizations because they’re basically stealing from you. Whatever it is, stand up for your truths so you can stand up for freedom. Stand up for a revolution in today’s society. That revolution should seek truth and enlightenment.

When you live like this, the possibilities are endless. Trust me when I say, you’re meant for big things and you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to. You can, I know this, I work people every day, all day, doing this exact thing. I see people go from ordinary to extraordinary every fucking day, I’m even one of them. So I know it’s possible. And even now, as I’m speaking, I know I’ll lose some people but the majority of you know what I’m talking about and are on the cusp of giving in to this fantastical idea that many in power call crazy.

Get this, your world has changed, you’re seeing average, everyday people making change in their lives. Stop asking how they did it because that’s never going to work. Instead, ask why you want it. What do you want to see out of life? What do you want to see for yourself, your kids, your spouse, your family, your friends, your community, your world?

Live robustly in your potential and see the Universe open doors like nothing before. See yourself as the capable one, hear only good thoughts about yourself. Be real about who you are, where you want to go and what you need to achieve that. Get the help you need to move the mountains in your way. Do whatever necessary and good to reach your truest and fullest potential. The key word, do.

Stand up for the truths that live within you because they are your guiding principles. They are the ones that are calling out to the Story Teller, the Innovator, the Connector, the Healer, the Truth Teller and the Fighter in you.

Be real. Be you. Drop the judgments, drop the criticism, believe in your own power and march on to your own beat. Like Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world.” Be it, do it, see it.

For those of you who need more help, I’m here. I’m here to help you. Apply the practical steps I lay out in LIT. Shoot me a DM if you want on Twitter or Instagram @iamravitee. Or, take the resources I have available to you on my website. For anyone who has not taken the assessment, take my Life Design Assessment at It’ll reveal shit like you would not believe. Then, take that information and work with it.

Like I said, you are the change. You’re meant to do more. Your life has meaning. Be it, do it, see it.