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Our Mission

RTCo. is driven to inspire and enable businesses to make a sustainable difference through Conscious Impact that’s different and profitable.


Solutions for Thought Leaders, Executives, and High-Performance Teams


Solutions for Bold and Innovative Businesses that Drive Your Bottom Line


Bold Thought Leadership in an Age Where Impact Matters

Ravi Toor combines her passion and ambition with a need to stand for something while working with visionaries and decision makers to help them understand they’re part of something much bigger. 

Innovation Paved Your Success
Quality Built Your Reputation
Vision’s Kept You Strong
You Wouldn’t Settle for Anything Less

We offer Innovative Solutions with sustainability in mind because like your brand, impact is meant to last.


Hear From Our Clients

I was terrified to be visible online. Ravi’s no bs approach helped transform my life. Within 6 sessions, I was clear on my purpose, more productive, focused and certain. Most of all, today, I am visible and want to be seen and heard!

Kaitlin Daur

As a speaker, she did not disappoint. She provided an engaging and powerful presentation of strength, hope, and recovery that has been reflected on by participants as a highlight of the event.

She is a natural-born presenter and one that I will definitely be contacting to return for future events.

Dr. Zoë Sehn

You can count yourself lucky if you have the privilege of knowing Ravi Toor. She is one of those rare people you just don’t get to encounter often. She has the ability to dig into the really deep nitty gritty parts of your soul you often ignore.

Amber Brooks

Reactive Vs. Proactive Corporate Social Responsibility

The Costs & Benefits We can all agree being proactive vs reactive is always the best position to be in. Being on the offense vs the defense always produces better outcomes, but what does that look like when it comes to something like Corporate Social...
Corporate Social Responsibility

The Detrimental Effects of Charitable Giving as Corporate Social Responsibility

Why and How to Avoid the Detrimental Effects of Charitable Giving as Your Corporate Social ResponsibilityToday, you’re hearing more and more about this concept of Corporate Citizenship through Corporate Social Responsibility. Although there’s been a lot of talk and...

Create an Impact with Your For Profit Brand

I talk about creating an impact with your for-profit brand all the time, however, what I’ve noticed is, when I talk about creating an impact with for-profit brands, it becomes complicated. Company members don’t see how it’s possible without getting complicated about...

How to Maximize your Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts: 3 Simple Strategies

It’s no secret that Corporate Social Responsibility is now not only a greater part of the conversation when it comes to consumerism but, it has also become a foundational aspect within business models. With that being said, I’m always so shocked to see how many...

How to Solidly Hit Your Goals

LIT Podcast Episode #37: How to Solidly Hit your goalsWelcome to episode 37!   In today’s episode, I talk about the 3 things I’ve noticed negatively impact people when it comes to goal achievement. Today, I want you to pull up a chair and get real with me, as I break...

My Response to Hate

LIT Podcast Episode #36: My Response to HateWelcome to episode 36!   In today’s episode, I get explicit with my point of view in the recent hate fueled attacks that have taken place in North America which have impacted people around the world in one way or another....

Do You Want to Be a Leader?

LIT Podcast Episode #35: Do You Want To Be A Leader? Welcome to episode 35!  In today’s episode, I talk to a disrupter and amplifier Ken Rochon about life. He shares his wisdom surrounding the silver lining, what it means to fail only to get back up, and how happiness...

Creating Change When You Feel Powerless

LIT Podcast Episode #34: Creating Change When You Feel PowerlessWelcome to episode 34!  In today’s episode, I talk to my dear friend and colleague Michelle Lewis from Visibility Vixen about how to create possibility when you’re powerless, what the Quantum Field’s got...

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