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LIT Ep. 18 Guest

Business Plan Templates

On Ep. 18 of LIT, Ashley came on a discussed her experience of being pushed to grow and change. From that change, Ashley founded Written Success where she helps Entrepreneurs develop a business plan to help with finding capital for the business.

Ashley has provided us with a DIY Business Plan Template.

Access your template now!  Ashley Cheeks

Founder & CEO, Written Success

LIT Ep. 19 Guest

On Ep. 19 of LIT, Alexis came on and discussed how 18 years later, she realized she had lost her identity and decided to do the work to recreate her identity. From that change, Alexis started her private Coaching Practice Alexis Storms Aiger where she helps women reconnect with their values and self. Alexis has resources for moms and women on her website, including a free 30-minute call to chat with her.

Find out more! Alexis Storms Aiger

Licensed Professional Counselor & Coach, Alexis Storms Aiger

LIT Ep. 20 Guest

On Ep. 20 of LIT, Samantha came on and discussed how pursing love, community, and sustainability is helping her grow her new family and local economy. She talks about the unique mindset, challenges, and opportunities innovators have that could really change the world.

Check out her products! Samantha Brocksom

Founder & Creator, Polar Baby

LIT Ep. 21 Guest

On Ep. 21 of LIT, Matt came on and discussed how and why he challenged the existing education system to create a program designed to help young kids thrive emotionally, teaching them to tap into their true potential early in life for long term success and happiness. Hear about how he created a unique solution for a broken system instead of turning a blind eye, and what this program for kids means for you as an adult.

Learn more about him and his program! Matt Beaudreau

Keynote Speak & Founder, Acton Placer Academy

LIT Ep. 22 Guest

On Ep. 22 of LIT, Melissa came on and discussed life lessons, her unique gifts and leading with intuition. Learn how this woman has evolved with all life’s handed her and why she’s creating an impact in the addictions community.

Melissa also left LIT listeners a free PDF guide to help you align your business intuitively.

Get your PDF now!  Melissa Badine

Psychic Medium , Melissa Badine

LIT Ep. 23 Guest

On Ep. 23 of LIT, Andrea came on and talked about how she walked away from a $200,000 a year salary to seek happiness.

As an analytical woman, she talks about her experience with the Universe, her constant need to purchase things to feel happy and how she traded her Benz in for a life of happiness and fulfillment. Learn about the tragic events that lead to her awakening and what happiness means to a woman who thought she had it all.

Andrea also left LIT listeners free access to her webinar to jumpstart your career today.

Access the Webinar Now! Andrea Palten

Career & Business Coach , Andrea Palten

LIT Ep. 27 Guest

On Ep. 27 of LIT, Linda came on and talked about how it’s never too late in life, the impacts of conditioning and expectations, what happens when you ask better questions, and how leadership starts with you and your experiences.

Access her Free Meditation! Linda Clay

Life & Business Strategist , Linda M Clay

LIT Ep. 28 Guest

On Ep. 28 of LIT, Lauren came on and talked about creating social impact through Conscious Leadership, using her talents creatively to create impact for kids on the spectrum and living with disabilities, and what it means to be a high achiever. 

Lauren is raising money for MOVE Inclusive Dance. If you’d like to support Lauren and her cause, click below!

Support MOVE Inclusive Dance Lauren Beasley

Founder & Executive Director , MOVE Inclusive Dance

LIT Ep. 29 Guest

On Ep. 29 of LIT, Kaitlin came on and talked about the impacts her negative mindset had on her and her life. She gets vulnerable with her story, sharing with you the real side of the dark side no one likes to talk about, and how we changed that for her through simple techniques…and some that were totally out of the box, all in the name of changing her mind to change her grind. Stick with us today to hear a story of true transformation.

Kaitlyn also left LIT listeners a cool gift to get fit for the summer, check it out now!  Kaitlin Daur

Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Kaitlyn Daur Coaching

LIT Ep. 33 Guest

On Ep. 33 of LIT, Lauren and Shania of Invure Co. came on to discuss how they saw a societal problem that lead them to become innovators. These women open up on what it means to be a Changemaker, why it’s necessary to break stereotypes, and why they’re giving more and more young folks equal opportunity at life, creating possibility right at their fingertips.

Visit Invure to see what they’re doing in terms of changing the world!  Lauren & Shania

Co-Founders, Invure Co.

LIT Ep. 34 Guest

On Ep. 34 of LIT, Michelle Lewis from Visibility Vixen comes on the show to talk about how to create possibility when you’re powerless, what the Quantum Field’s got to do with it, and how colour impacts your psychology.

Find out the Colours that are right for you and your psychology by taking Michelle’s Free Colour Class

Michelle Lewis

Founder, Visibility Vixen

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