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Episode #11: Why You’re Not Being Authentic

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Welcome to episode 11 of LIT! My name is Ravi Toor and I’m your host. Today, I want to start off by saying what’s up San Jose?! Thank you so much for being my top listeners. I gotta say, it’s a bit crazy to know ‘lil ‘ol me from British Columbia, Canada, is reaching folks from San Jose, Milwaukee and Ashburn, just to name a few. Don’t worry, though, Europe and Canada, I see you too! Big shout outs to my top listeners in Manchester and Abbotsford. Thanks for regularly tuning in, guys. If you’re new to the program, you have tons to catch up on. After listening to this episode, head back and check out more of what I’ve thrown down. Last but not least, if you haven’t subscribed to LIT yet, do it!

Ok, let’s get into today’s episode. It’s a bit of rant going deeper into last weeks episode The Art to Happiness.

Last week, I talked about accessing real happiness by tapping into your authenticity and passions. To me, this is the true recipe you need to create massive shifts, changes, or transformations in your life. If you tap into your authentic self, that’s the person who’s got all those weird ass quirks, the thing’s that make you different. If you tap into all of that, and you go head first into your passions, you’re going to collide with happiness. It’s just a fact. And so, if that’s the fact, why aren’t most people doing it?

This is where the rant begins, y’all.

Ok, so one of the reasons why most people aren’t tapping into their truest, and in my opinion, badass selves are because most of you don’t think you’re good enough. There’s something about you that’s “off,” that’s “different,” that’s not quite like the others. First, I’m here to tell you, that’s a fucking good thing! Could you imagine if we were all the same? First of all, there would be no such thing as authenticity and, honestly, I know you all love my show, but could you really deal with the exact same person pretty much running the same ass show on every channel, every day? There’d be no diversity. There’d be no variety.

So you being different is a really good thing. But, you’ve been made to feel otherwise. That’s the subconscious shit I keep talking about. So, somewhere along the lines of your life, someone made fun of your authenticity. Someone mocked you uniqueness, someone put you down for being different. Someone told you directly don’t be you, be this way instead. That conditioning most likely took place during your developmental stages, when you were young.  And so all your life, you’ve taken that exact emotional makeup and applied it to different areas of your life, sometimes consciously and sometimes subconsciously.


Let’s apply this theory practically. Last week I said be a baker instead of a day trader it that’s what you really want to be. Sounds like a simple idea but how the hell do you do that when you have all these things stacked against you? What I mean is, some of you might be thinking, how do I do something so abnormal to the way I’ve been told to be? How do I abandon making good money as a day trader to be a baker? What would my friends and family think? How would I even make a viable living out of baking? What about all my associates? Would they think I was a nut? Ha, let me tell you, they sure as shit would think you were a nut. But you’re a nut because you’re doing something totally different. You’re paying attention to you and your needs.

Instead of being wrapped up in what everyone else thinks, the real question you should be asking is, how would you feel if you could bake all the fucking time? Not just for fun in your leisure time, but actually, do it for life? Master your craft. How about doing it and making money at it? How would that feel? How would it feel to look at your friends and family, your past colleagues and say, I did it, I made it work?

It would feel phenomenal!

All of a sudden, you have healthier relationships because you feel alive. You feel whole. There’s nothing to worry about, you’re not dwelling, you’re not struggling to try to explain why you’re so unhappy even when things seem fine. You’re not living for the weekends and your job isn’t just your job. Now, let’s take it a step further. How would it feel if you started to notice those people around you were picking up what you were throwin’ down? They saw your transformation and now they want a piece of the pie too. Those exact people then start to pursue what they really love doing. Obviously, the exact same thing would happen in their lives and would trickle into the lives of the people they know, and so forth, and so forth and so forth. Now, take a step back, imagine all those streams of people doing what they love, sustaining an amazing life pursuing their passions, being authentic and real. All of that creates happiness and so you’ve got dozens upon dozens of happy people all influencing people in their lives.

Eventually, if you really step back and look, you’ll realize that intricately connected web of people adds up to a lot of fucking people.

Imagine that world for a minute. Imagine what it would feel like.


What it would look like? 

How would your life be different?



What do you see?



Who’s around you?

What’s different?



What are you doing that’s different?

I know this idea sounds radical and almost unachievable, but it’s really not. In this highly complicated world of ours, we’ve somehow lost the basic principle of simplicity. “All things being equal, the simpler solution tends to be the best.”

In this realm of thinking, it’s all about possibility. It’s possible for you to achieve your greatest dreams and sustain a healthy, happy and viable life doing what you love doing. It’s possible and real and I can guarantee there are people doing just that.

What’s the difference between you and those people?  Those people who have self-actualized removed all the impossibles and focused on what they wanted, what they needed and moved towards just that. They removed all obstacles by thinking it was possible. I mean, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”


When you hear your mind telling you it’s impossible what’s happening is your thinking in fear. Your mind is doing some protecting because of so many reasons but one being, you can’t see the other side. So, in this instance, you just have to trust. You have to put faith in yourself, your abilities, your truths, and your passions then, you need to put your head down and do it. No excuses, no old scripts, and not in impossibles.

You have to believe it’s possible. You have to have faith in yourself and know you’re your own compass and you know best. You have to believe you can access happiness when in pursuit of your dreams and your passions. You have to believe you’re capable. And you have to believe you’re worth it.

Many don’t and that’s why I’m here speaking on LIT. The more of you I can connect to your true authenticity and passions, the more I know we’ll be living in a far greater world full of happiness, authenticity, love and connectivity. In a time when clearly this ideology is not the reality, I believe in it so much that I’ve put all my ducks into pursuing my passions, my dreams and my truths. I’ve anchored my authenticity in reality and run with it. And that’s what I want for you.

You also have to understand, when you do this, when you connect to your authenticity and you run with your passions no matter what, you’re a leader. You automatically become a leader when you strive to be your best. When you pursue something that’s totally against the grain of society. You’re a leader when you work on yourself to create a better life for you first, then for others. You become a leader when you choose a different decision than what you’re used to. You become a leader when you take this concept you’re listening to and apply it practically in your life.

You’re an ordinary person who’s meant for far greater things and here’s the kicker, you know that. That’s the soft whispering that’s coming from somewhere within you. You don’t where, but you know it’s there. You have this weird feeling like you’re special, that you were meant for more and that understanding leaves you wondering often, what’s my purpose, what am I here for?

Then, like clockwork, you make the same choices, the same decision and you find yourself at the exact same point daily, further from your truths, further from your purpose.

Your purpose is what you’re most passionate about. Don’t think it’s silly, your passions have a place in this world that has the potential, if realized, to make a huge positive impact on this world. But first, the impact starts with you. Like I said, when you make a different choice, even if it’s a small one, you’re making a shift in your reality. Then, if you make another different choice, you creating a binding shift in your reality. Now, multiply that by a few dozen different choices, you’re set, man. You’re making a change in your life, you’re going for it and now, you can see the realized results. And it was all because you removed the impossibles and stuck to the probable.

So, whatever your passion, whatever your deepest dream, go for it. You are special, you are worth it and you’re meant to be doing the thing you think about all the time. Mostly you owe it to yourself and those around you to change your life for the better so everyone else around you can be influenced by your greatness.

So get out there, abandon the noise, the excuses, the old scripts.

Get out there and pursue all that’s authentic to you.