LIT Podcast

Episode #10: The Art to Happiness

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Welcome to episode 10 of LIT! My name is Ravi Toor and I’m your host. I cannot believe this is my 10th episode, you guys! This episode is incredibly important to me for 3 reasons. First, it’s about fulfilling multiple passions of mine. It’s continuously been about deciding what’s important to me, what’s going to bring meaning to my life and self-actualizing on my purpose from that self-awareness. Second, it’s about consistency and persistence. My message isn’t an easy one to spread. In an age when security is on the minds of most people on this planet it could be considered a bit delusional to suggest ordinary people should start stepping up into becoming leaders but let me tell you, this message, this information is all the information you need to start creating security and happiness in today’s socially constructed society. Through consistency, the more I pound this message in, the more I know I’ll reach the audience who’s ready to listen, creating an impact beyond even what I can imagine right now. And finally, third, it’s about today’s topic. Your authenticity and passions. So, let’s get right into today’s episode.


In the last 9 episodes, I’ve given you the basic framework you need to seriously get working on your personal development. Today I want you to focus on why this is so important and how it connects you to the very valuable thing within you, your authenticity and your passion.


Let’s start with your passions. First of all, if you didn’t know this, passion is an emotion, a strong one, actually. But that’s not all. It’s also what’s most important to you. This varies from one person to another. In my last few episodes, I’ve even called it your thing. However you define it, one thing is true, it’s most important to you. So what, right? This is what makes you tick, homie! This is what brings you the greatest joy. This is part of what makes you whole. I mean think about it, it’s the thing that’s closest to your heart so it’s gotta be somewhat important, right? So, the more you can trigger something that sparks joy in you on a regular day basis, the happier you’ll be which obviously translates into a good fucking life. But here’s where shit gets a bit messy. Today, most people aren’t living their passions. Instead, many are living the total opposite of that. Instead of living out your passion, many of you are suffering internally doing the thing someone thinks you should do. That’s right, most people are consciously or subconsciously basing their life choices on the judgement, opinions and instructions of others vs doing something they’re passionate about which translates to guess what? A really fucking unhappy life.

In today’s society, what’s becoming more and more prevalent is most people are fixated on security, more specifically economic security. I mean, no shit, right? But as the fixation on the chase within the rat race of making money to fund an often over leveraged life in a socially constructed society gets stronger and stronger, the understanding of how to gain true security and happiness through connecting to you and your passions gets fainter and fainter. The more you live against the grain of your truths, the worse your perspective of life gets and the worse you feel both emotionally and physically, and the cycle continues. But the buck doesn’t stop there. The worse you feel, the more it shows up in the very things you do or don’t do. Remember, your focus? You’ll find yourself focused on how you’re living against everything you stand for. Living against all that’s important to you. And as time goes on, the worst starts to happen. Your passion’s flame gets dimmer. You don’t feel it anymore, you’re not even trying to chase the thought. You find yourself dull, shut off from life and living things in autopilot. You don’t care for anything and fall into mediocrity as you tune into escapism and become more robotic in your day-to-day.

Well, I’m here today to shake that shit up!

That’s right! I’m here to tell you that you can live a life of pure happiness all wrapped up in security if you follow your heart, your passions and live out your life authentically. True to your grain, true to your truths. Now, don’t think this is some woo-woo shit because I’ll tell you, I’m living proof of this ideology. At the start of this podcast, I said I’m living out my passions as my purpose, creating meaning in my life as I self-actualize. This concept alone has afforded me a great deal of happiness and security and I’m only working my way up. And the best part, as I do this for myself, I impact those around me in my inner circle. They see me show up for myself, my dreams and my passions every single day and they start to change little by little. They start to implement tiny little changes in their lives that begin to add up into transformations left,  right and centre. And you know what happens then? Another ripple effect with another community of people all a byproduct of you getting your shit aligned and living life with purpose and meaning. Remember the vicious cycle? Well, this too turns into a cycle of events that continuously happen and ripple out further and further but it’s the damn good type of cycle. One that you want repeating itself for aeons and aeons because it just breeds more and more positivity and goodness for the entire world.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. There’s work involved, right? That’s the work I’ve been getting you to do over the last 9 episodes. Now, it’s about using that self-awareness you’ve worked on and lighting the flame to the sparks of passion that started flickering within you. It’s about using all that focus on listening to your voice, the one deep from your heart’s centre vs listening to the voices of your subconscious, the voices of others. And it’s about shifting your state of being from what you’re used to and invigorating your being to something more like someone who’s about to flip this whole joint upside down. It’s about knowing what you need in your life and what’s going to fully make you happier beyond your wildest dreams while you self-actualize into your truest potential as a great human being. It’s about living your life authentically and understanding who you are and how you can show up to serve the world. That’s when you step into the purest essence of happiness and security. This is when you realize we’ve been taught to live backwards. We’ve been taught to live against our passions because those types of dreams are for the wild child’s and only a small percentage of them ever make their dreams come true. We’ve been taught to conform to a way of living that has most of us choosing escapism on autopilot.

Once you’re there, it’s about getting creative. Taking your intrinsic passions and applying them practically by getting creative to find the space where your passions, talents, skills and a need all collide. From there, you apply yourself and apply yourself until something sticks. Then, you rinse and repeat because growth and progress is a never-ending journey filled will opportunity and prosperity for all.

Crazy enough for you yet?

Now, before you start thinking this doesn’t happen to ordinary people, I’m here to tell you it sure as shit does. In my profession, living out my passions of fighting injustice, helping the world heal and doing the one thing I’m really good at, coaching, I’ve seen countless quote ordinary unquote people take ownership of their lives, their identities and step up as leaders for themselves to transform their lives into something so crazy. I’m talking round pegs in square holes kinda crazy and making it work. The amount of opportunity and encouragement these people are seeing from making different choices and staying truer to themselves is overwhelmingly inspirational and it validates my point of view even more. It keeps reminding me, it’s possible. 

So let’s start with you. Your passions are something near and dear to your heart. Often enough, it’s something you’re intrinsically good at, too. This can range from baking to inventing to politics to writing to pretty much anything you can think of. The key? You’ve gotta love it! Like really, really love it. Now think about how much time you invest in your passions. If you’re an ordinary person, then there’s probably a good chance the amount of time you invest in your passions is pretty slim. That’s because you have a job, probably full time and work crazy long hours. Then you get back home and have all sorts of obligations. You’re also tired and really, you just need to get cosy, get you some Netflix in you and chill before the next day starts up again.

So what is my solution? Well, you’re listening to one of them. Seriously, my podcast, my coaching and all my other resources coupled with you, the ordinary person who is capable of making a change on a personal and global level. My solution is taking all those pieces and exploiting them for what they really are. Me and my stuff? My authenticity, passion and life’s work. You, the ordinary person? Your intrinsic and extraordinary talents and skills that are worth way more and can create so much positive impact for you and others in this world. Using my passions I’ve applied practically to my life, I’m reaching out to leaders like you, ordinary people and asking you to take the first step into true world transformation by starting to transform your life little by little. Start with becoming self-aware, getting connected to who you really are, what you really want and how you can show up and serve in a real and meaningful way. Then, using whatever I can produce, I want to propel you to success by helping your champion your journey through empowerment, support, resources and reminders of how greatly intrinsic you are to this world and how your true passions are the key to both your and global happiness, security and prosperity.


In the words of Ralph Charell “Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.”


Always remember, truth is the essence to freedom. Feel that freedom by living authentically as you.