What Makes up a Conscious Leader

Conscious leadership is a new and more advanced leadership style. Some would call it a style, but I really consider it a skill. Why? Because Conscious Leadership is not only a way of being but a way operating.


Anyone can become a leader. It’s as simple as sharpening your communication, decision making, delegation, and creative skills, to name a few. But conscious leadership goes far beyond sharpening a few skills. Conscious leadership is about the leader understanding themselves, and understand how their decisions impact everything within and around them. This type of leader is typically a responsible, and influential leader.


Here’s what makes up a Conscious Leader.




Not only do Conscious Leaders understand the importance of Self-Awareness but they’ve developed it. They’re intune with and know everything about themselves. Everything from their emotions to their physicality, to their environment. They have a true understanding of self from all aspects. How they interact within, how that expresses outwardly, and how that impacts everything. Having that much knowing means you can see the world clearly, express meaningfully and operate ethically.   




Conscious Leaders work from a place of responsibility. Responsibility to this planet. Responsibility to the people. Responsibility to future generations. Responsibility to themselves. They understand that, like food, we’re not living life to merely make money. Although shareholders are important, Conscious Leaders take a holistic approach to generating revenue while maintaining social responsibility as an organization. They ensure they don’t take shortcuts to make money but instead, they value everything they and their organization interacts with from profits to shareholders to employees to community and, to this world.




You have 2 voices in your body that only you hear. One of these is your conscious mind – your cognitive voice or your mind’s voice. Your other voice comes from your heart. Drawn out of your belly from your intuition, your heart typically speaks as the Authentic Voice. This is the voice that holds all of your truths. This is the voice that’s truly aligned with what you believe in, giving you direction, certainty, and courage. Conscious Leaders are extremely connected to their Authentic Voice, allowing them to always be “on”, or Authentic. The benefits are self-explanatory, don’t you think?


Emotional Intelligence


Conscious Leaders most definitely rank high when it comes to Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Interpersonal Skills focus on your ability to interact with others in order to build strong and effective relationships through different modalities of communication. EQ takes this one step further by taking into account the leader. Conscious Leaders who are Emotionally Intelligent typically build stronger, more meaningful relationships because they’re aware of their own emotions and how they impact others. As a result, they’re more apt to control and express their emotion in a way that’s judicious and empathetic.




These types of leaders act with a huge amount of integrity. They understand honesty and ethics are vital components to every decision they make. That means, they’re more likely to act responsible, honest and ethical, at all times. This typically results in a positive impact on the environment around this type of leader.




Although they may not be true innovators, Conscious Leaders typically have a great sense of innovation. They’re often looking for new ways and solutions. Because they’re so developed, Conscious Leaders are open to learning, improving and enhancing their own skills, and they’re not intimidated by being challenged or given a new perspective. These guys are as open as can be, which makes them terrific leaders who continue to spark creativity.  


Growth Mindset


Mindset is a disposition. It’s the psychological rules, the neurological data that determines how you perceive the world, your abilities, and your outcomes. You’re either in a Fixed Mindset – you expect the negative or unchanging, or, you’re in a Growth Mindset – you see in positivity and possibility which translates to how you see your world, abilities, and your outcomes. This is essential to Conscious Leaders because a Growth Mindset is linked to effective problem solving, innovation, courage, resilience and so much more.  


That’s what makes up a Conscious Leader.


Conscious Leader’s are remarkable leaders who dedicate their lives to their mission of doing good, always. This type of leader is the key to our future. They’re the Innovators, the Truth-Seekers, the Story-Tellers, the Healers, the Fighters and the Connectors.