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Episode #17: Welcome to Your Evolution

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Welcome to episode 17 of LIT! My name is Ravi Toor, and I’m your host. Thank you to all of you who submitted your feedback of last week’s episode You’ve Got The Power. This episode by far was most people’s favorite! In light of this, I decided to keep the power train going.  Choo-choo! All aboard the evolution train!

Today I’m going to talk you about your evolution and how you’re not the same person you were yesterday or even 1 minute before listening to this episode, and how your experiences have a huge part in your personal evolution.

Every day, and by every second, we’re going through constant change. Whether that’s physiological, spiritual, or even within our environment. Think about it, seconds tick by, winds change, you blink your eyes, you have movements and you’re always in a new place. Each day may present similar but there’s something within you that’s always changing, growing and evolving.

On a molecular level, we know this to be true as well. Nothing stays the same, molecules bump and grind all the time and we, as a being, go through change several times throughout the day. Our physiology is a perfect example of change too. Think about your heart beating, your eyes blinking, your states changing… it’s all change. So, to think you’re stuck in the same spot all the time without growth or movement is a bit silly. Instead, you’re not seeing the big picture of your growth and change, your evolution. That’s where I step in and remind you that you’re not the same person, you’re constantly changing. You are always getting ready for your next evolution.

Part of this talk is about process. Knowing you’re in a process of constant change and growth can help alleviate some of the burden of thinking you’re stuck in rut or in the same spot. Remember, episode 1 of LIT? I talked about having this great personal need to step up and create change, to move towards something more beneficial for not only for myself but for society. In this episode, I also clearly described how I went through several stages in life to get to this point, and as I sit here today and speak to you, I know the change isn’t over.

Our experiences help us grow but more so, our experiences help us evolve. The more painful the event, the greater our growth. Sounds a bit insane, right? How can a truly negative situation be beneficial to me? Why do I see greater growth through pain?

Well, first, let me use the example of teeth. It’s actually one of my favorite examples to use. When we start out as babies, we’re toothless. As we grow, these pearly whites rip through our gumline as they emerge. Before they emerge, they form underneath the gum line. They’re being created without our knowledge. Of course, our parents know teeth will show up, but no one’s taking a daily count of the tooth growth. As a matter of fact, no one really pays attention to the invisible growth until the infant starts showing signs of teething. When the tooth is ready to emerge, it seems like it’s ripping through the gum line but that’s not really what’s happening. What happens is hormones are released and cells in the gums start to die and separate, allowing for the tooth to emerge. The process is slow and painful but the benefits are far greater than the pain. Here’s the thing, though, your tooth’s process isn’t over. At about the 6 yr mark, your mouth goes through yet another evolutionary period. You shed all your baby teeth to make way for your permanent adult teeth. Same type of process here where again, there’s invisible growth, there’s a loss of baby teeth and then, voila, you have your new permanent set. Teeth are uber important to human functionality. They help us break food apart. They’re there to help tear that duct tape when you don’t have scissors. They are one of the first things people notice when you smile and reveal your pearly whites. What’s even more, when people have teeth problems, there’s a significant insecurity that comes with the potential of not having the perfect set of grillz. But all of this came from these suckers working below the surface to form and then taking time to push past the gumline to become the tooth.

This is very much like your experiences and growth. Your growth is often invisible and happening even when you can’t see it. Part of that is that you’re in constant change, you’re always developing no matter what your age. But part of it is also your process. Many go through life thinking they don’t have a purpose, there’s no real meaning to their lives but it’s so untrue.

Your experiences have molded you into who you are today and have been set in front of you to help you grow and change. I know for myself, much of my experiences left me feeling like what kinda fucked up board game is this? What am I even supposed to learn or where do these weird skills and experiences fit into my life?

Today, when I sit back, I realize, all of my experiences have funneled themselves into the different archetypes. Through my experiences, I’ve evolved as a Storyteller, a Truth Seeker, a Nurturer and a Fighter. And now, as I head into what’s evidently another level of personal evolution, I’m seeing the Connector take flight.

So, before you start to throw in the towel and think life is just something you’re supposed to go through without real meaning or purpose, know your experiences have been set up for you to find your purpose, to gain direction and clarity, you’ve just got to open your eyes.

Your evolution isn’t something you’re going to notice if you’re not looking. Your thoughts are not the same, sure the themes may be consistent but your thoughts are not the same. Your words are not the same and you’re definitely not the same. Your identity, your person and your mind go through evolutions all the time. What you thought about 10 years ago will be a bit different today, I guarantee you.

So, what’s the point? Part of me wants to throw a Frank Gallagher rant in here about paying attention but here’s the gist.

You are always in a state of constant change, whether you see it or not. You’re always growing and you’re always evolving. So, to think you’re stuck, you’re in the same spot or that your experiences have no real value in your life is totally fucking abused. Start to take note of what experiences you’ve gone through. Take an inventory of your skills to understand how diverse you are and take a leap of faith that you have something fucking amazing to offer this world.

Once you start there, you’re on the fast track to evolution.

And when you realize you’re always evolving, you’ll be humbled. From that, you’ll realize that you do have purpose and your life does have meaning which means, you’re no longer searching but instead you’re living in the security of belief and knowing. You can emerge with happiness, contentment, and knowledge that everything is meant to work for you and that nothing’s meant to work against you.
It’s all part of your process to becoming, and becoming, and becoming.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to bring on guests who are going to share their stories of their own evolutions. These stories are coming from ordinary people who decided to take their evolution to the next levels. They emerged as Changemakers after they realized their true potential with all their gifts and talents. I will dive deep into their stories to give you a real understanding of what it looks like to recognize your talents and emerge as a leader first in your own life then, on a large scale.