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Episode #16: You’ve Got The Power

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Welcome to episode 16 of LIT! My name is Ravi Toor, and I’m your host. Thank you for joining me for another episode of LIT. Today, like the last 2 episodes, I’m going deep, and I’m getting raw. It’s time we woke the fuck up and started acting like how we really feel. For all my listeners, get ready to feel empowered. Get your pen and paper out and write down all the ideas that come to your mind during this episode because you’re for sure about to get some!

Today, I want to talk to you about your power. I want to clarify what I’ve been insinuating this entire time. I’ve been saying you ARE the person who will help change this world, but only if you fully realize your potential and take action to self-actualize. Start to focus on your passions and pursue what’s really important to you. Step up as a leader in your life and in society.

In the intro of my podcast, I mentioned I would talk about theory and mindset, but I also said I would talk about world issues. Today is the day I start to wrap it all together, unapologetically. Today marks the day when truth is heard for it is the only way to change the course of our destructive path as a human species.

We sit in an era where change is imminent. Where action is required to create change yet, many of us have lost hope. We’ve developed this mindset, as a collective, like what’s the point? Many of us changemakers are wondering if there’s even a way to solve some of the massive issues that plague our society and our globe. How did we get here?

Obviously, we got here because a very small percentage of powerful and rich people are calling the shots. These “elites” have taken control of what we know as reality and have schemed, toyed and sacrificed you and I so that they can enjoy their luxuries, their power, and their richness. We got here because a small group of people have made more and more decisions that benefited themselves and will do anything to sustain their own comforts.

How do I know this is true? Simple, turn on the fucking news for 5 minutes and see the headlines that play underneath the new anchor. Turn on the news and listen to the stories we’re being told. Turn on the news and see the truth for what it is. Fuck the news, step outside of your home and look around. What do you see? How are you being affected even while standing under your own roof?

The truth is, we’re all feeling it. You’re feeling it when it comes to climate change, money, happiness, freedom, politics and so much more. So, what’s your point, Ravi? Lemme tell ya!

Each of us is a powerful soul. The top 1% didn’t get there because they have some special genes or DNA that make them the elites. Instead, oddly enough, they used all their skills and self-discipline to get to where they are. Each of them has self-actualized to some degree even if it’s negative because they’ve pursued what’s important to them. So for many of these powerful shot-callers, they’ve capitalized on their passions to get to where they are. The problem is, you and I are not kept in their best interests.

You are someone who holds the same power, however, for the majority of your life, you’ve been told to ignore this power. You’ve been told to lower your voice, you’ve been told to look the other way, you’ve been told to work harder. You’ve been told to stay quiet. These types of issues are not something you should bother yourself with, let the elites deal with it. You’ve been reminded of your position in the hierarchy of the status quo and you, my friend, are not it.

I’m here to tell you that’s all bullshit. YOU ARE IT. You’re the change we’ve been all waiting for. Each changemaker before us has come and been nobody special until they were. Until they made a remarkable change. Do you know what these changemakers all had in common before they were even recognized for their truths and impacts? They had an idea. This idea came from a personal story, something that impacted them in a negative way and when they looked around, it’s something that was impacting others in a negative way. These changemakers rose even before they understood what they were getting into because they had a passion, they needed to speak, they needed to create change. And so, they moved. They used their inherent skills to create change.

That’s what I want of you.

You’re special, you need to understand that. Your story has purpose in this world. How? Let’s break it down.

Are you living somewhere where climate change is impacting you? Can you see the changes in weather patterns that are creating havoc and pain for you and your community? How much is enough? We all know Global Warming is actually a thing. Google the research if you don’t believe me but I know my listeners know what I’m talking about. The next logical question is, what can I do about it? Well, think about your archetype. Who are you? Are you an Innovator at heart? Could you experiment with your ideas to create social solutions when it comes to Global Warming? Do you have a background in Marine Sciences? Or do you have a deep understanding of renewable energy sources because that’s where you focus your attention in your spare time?

Ok, maybe you’re not an Innovator, but maybe you’re a Story Teller. Are you ready to speak on the matter? Are you ready to remind society how we’re all connected? Can anyone say Mother Earth, my friends? Or are you good at maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle which you can teach others about?

Maybe you’re a Truth Seeker who’s ready to expose the farses for what they really are. No, Global Warming isn’t some fucking hoax. No, it’s not fake news, it’s a real thing, you and I know it. So what are you going to do about it?

Fuck it, Global Warming isn’t your thing. Let’s move on to something else that might pique your interest.

How about money and happiness? Do you know for certain the two are not connected but instead we’ve been brainwashed to think so? Are you someone who has found happiness beyond the dolla-dolla billz, ya’ll? If so, do you think you should be sharing your story? How could you serve society with your truth about this?

Are you a Story Teller who can create music? Can you sing about the truth? Can you start to share your truth in creative ways? Or are you a nurturer who wants to heal, show people what they’re actually chasing vs what they think they’re chasing?

Moving on!

Let’s talk about Racism and Homophobia. Let’s just talk about hate for people generally speaking because, at this point in the game, no one’s really exempt from hate. Are you Fighter who represents the truth? Do you stand up against atrocities around the world against a certain demographic? Are you capable of using your skills to create change in this area? Are you a Connector who can put the right people together to help create a movement? Are you helping with asylum?

Moving on, yet again!

Politics! Here’s a topic where most people think, there’s just no way I can get involved or make a difference. Plus this shit doesn’t really affect me. Yup, it does. Policy affects all of us through the trickle-down effect. Stop and think about all the issues I’ve already raised. How are you not affected by politics? It’s funny, I was watching the news this week and here in Canada, our “Golden Boy” Trudeau is caught up in SNC-Lavalin scandal. This scandal shows the PMO is protecting this company even though this company has broken the law several times. Why is this company being protected? Federal interests, not the interest of the People but Federal Interests. That means, interests of the top 1%. This story is very similar to many countries nowadays where the government is in bed with corporations and the pot of wealth continues to be distributed amongst the powerful while we get jailed for smoking weed or some stupid shit like that. Here’s the worst part, when Canadians were interviewed about whether this challenges their confidence in our current PM, the overwhelming response was: well, they’re all wolves, or what can I do about it? You, you can do something about. Stand up as a Fighter, start Connecting the right people to each other so the Truth Seekers dressed as the ordinary person can start running for politics. Story Tellers, start your podcasts, get on your YouTube channels and start blasting a broadcast.

Whoa, Rav, this is a bit much. Nope, it’s really not. Here’s the thing, you’re living life like you’re not in control. Many of us have spent the majority of our lives sleeping and operating in drone-like behavior. We’ve been good lil boy’s and girls who’ve tried to live by the rules set up by the elites. Those elites have a history of making decisions because, in their circles, they figured out who the Connectors were, they figured out who the best Story Tellers were, they figured out who the best looking Nurturers were and they ran with it. The figured out how to leverage people, opportunities and technologies so they could remain in power. What makes you any fucking different when it comes to doing the same but for good?

You have one life. When your grandchildren ask you down the road, why didn’t do anything, what are you going to say? Are you going to say, I didn’t know what to do? I couldn’t do anything? I didn’t have the skills? I wasn’t one of the elites? No, you wouldn’t say that. Instead, you’ll sit in regret trying to form some cohesive sentence that hopefully empowers those kids, those grandchildren to do more.

So, why is it any different for you now? You’re the more. You’re capable of doing anything you put your mind to. You have access to the most amazing piece of technology we’ve ever come up with. It’s called the internet. Remember, I’m just a small town, country girl who’s in the ears of people all over the world. I’m reaching South Africa, India, France, Italy, Canada, the US, and the UK to name a few. Currently, I’m reaching people in 10 different countries. How? The internet, my belief in my truth and action. As well as my faith in my skills, talents and my mission to pursue my passions.

My hopes, as you’ve heard today and throughout the last 15 episodes, is to help awaken the ordinary person, help awaken you. Ignite the fire within you and show you, it’s possible. Your flame is still lit. Your stories matter, your problems matter and today, we need more than ever, socially conscious solutions from everyday people who really feel the impacts of what’s going on in this world. You’re the solution to our problems. And the most important part, you matter. You’re not here by any coincidence. You’re on this Earth for a purpose.

Time to roll up your sleeves, changemakers. It’s time to get to work.