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Ravi helps you find your true purpose, aligning YOU with YOU.
Coming from a place of true alignment means you can ignite your dreams and create a thriving life, rocking out exactly as you are, changing your life and the lives around you.

About Ravi

Ravi Toor is an Entrepreneur, Coach & Speaker who empowers women all over the world to tap into the best versions of themselves so they can create massive change in their personal lives, and on a global stage. She uses psychology, neuroscience, life disciplines, support and strategy to help women rewire their subconscious, remove both mental and physical limiting beliefs and implement change on a meaningful level so women can achieve their personal greatness, creating influencers out of every single client she works with.

What They’ve Said

I was terrified to be visible online. Ravi’s no bs approach helped transform my life. Within 6 sessions, I was clear on my purpose, more productive, focused and certain. Most of all, today, I am visible and want to be seen and heard!

Kaitlin Daur

As a speaker, she did not disappoint. She provided an engaging and powerful presentation of strength, hope, and recovery that has been reflected on by participants as a highlight of the event.

She is a natural born presenter and one that I will definitely be contacting to return for future events.

Dr. Zoë Sehn

You can count yourself lucky if you have the privilege of knowing Ravi Toor. She is one of those rare people you just don’t get to encounter often. She has the ability to dig into the really deep nitty gritty parts of your soul you often ignore.

Amber Brooks

When Ashley Was Forced to Find Meaning

LIT Podcast Episode #18: When Ashley Was Forced to Find Meaning Episode Summary & Gift   Welcome to episode 18 of LIT!  Today I interview my guest Ashley Cheeks from Written Success about how she was forced to grow and change by an ultimatum and life event. We talk...

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