I had a session with a client not too long ago where she was struggling to find direction, to pick up momentum in her business and ultimately, make money. She was facing all sorts of emotions, frustration, anxiety, fear, self-esteem issues and more. Although this woman was a strong one on the outside, her internal battle was painfully obvious to me.

So, as I sat there in the single session knowing this was the only session I’d really have a chance to work with her, I realized nothing I could say or do in this very moment was going to:

A. Change her State
B. Change her Outcome
C. Change her Life

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a tough one for me. It’s tough to know that even with all my experience and education, sometimes there’s nothing but the basics to rely on and that’s not so overwhelmingly amazing to clients. That doesn’t create the immediate change they’re hoping for. Instead, going back to the basics is work, real and tough work.

What kind of basics are we talking about?

Pretty simple, reconnection to you and your core.

You see, she was struggling to find the next step in her journey, trying to forge a path that was littered with success, fulfilment and happiness. But, when I asked her what she loved to do, her answers were limited. Even more, I think she barely scratched the surface of what she truly loved and how that would translate into what she wanted to do in terms of work.

So with that, I explained she would have to go to the basics. She would have to connect with HERSELF once again to really find that passion, that spark so she could take that inspired action and start building a life of her dreams, leading to the legacy of her life.

As much as I think she understood, I’m not sure if it hit home. I’m not sure if she really recognized what I was talking about, and so came this article.

If you ask me for my opinion of the world today you’ll hear me loud and clear, I think it’s fucked. I think we’re fucked.

Now, you might be wondering, how the hell do you go from a coaching session and the basics to the world being fucked?

You see, my client is no different from everyone else in the world trying to align life with themselves all the while taking care of #alltheobligations. But because of all the conditioning we’ve gone through in this world simply to align to social constructs, we’ve been programmed to act, think, be and do as pretty much everyone else for the same very thing: money but in reality, survival. And because of that, most of us have no idea what we really love. We’ve been operating on autopilot for so long that not many people have had a chance to stop and think: What the hell do I really want?

Don’t get it? Let me ask you this, if money wasn’t an issue (queue, “that’s not a reality.” – point and case), but really, if you’re following me this far keep going.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would YOU really do? Not your parents, not your community, not your kid, not your spouse, not your best friend, YOU!

It’s a tough one, isn’t it? You may have a flood of answers, however, each one of them has a tinge of “uhh that’s not really it.” Or, “isn’t that so and so’s impression of what I should do? ”

So then one has to ask the question after such a shake, how do I figure out what I love? How do I get there?

Go back to the basics.

To me, there’s nothing more connecting than meditation. Yes, meditation helps you to connect to the Divine but I truly believe you and the Divine are one. You know the answers to everything, you’ve just been pummeled with noise all your life that’s conditioned you to not listen but instead, walk the line of social constructionism.

Through meditation, you have a chance to really disconnect from the world as we know it and go inside to where you have the map, the clues, the answers and the enlightenment. From there, as you meditate, you’ll hear things. You’ll see things. You’ll feel things. At first, you might not know how much of what you see, hear and feel are real, leaving you to wonder how much of all of that is just the noise from your busy-body mind. That’s cool, everyone starts that way.

Once you’ve started to practice the practice, you’ll start to get comfortable and best of all, you start to become hyper-aware, enough to hear your own voice. And that, that’s where the magic starts.

And when the magic starts flowing, you should be documenting. Documenting the voice that’s been dormant for so long, overshadowed by the voices of the world. Journal your little heart out, what does that voice say, where does that voice want you to go? What did you see?

Wait, you’re not done yet!

Do some more free writing. Create a column and start listing out your loves after you’ve done meditation. Don’t edit, don’t stifle instead, just write. Do this for at least a consecutive week.

Almost done!

Go back and read. Read your thoughts, hear what YOU had to say. Then sit back and think about that.

What did your voice have to say to you?
What did you feel about it?
What inspired action can come of it?

Remember, once you’ve done the work above, TAKE ACTION, immediate action!

Do that process for a month, let alone 90 days, and you’re golden, just golden!

Here’s the reality, although this will bring you closer to what you would like to do to make money because basically, that’s the real name and game of today’s social constructs, you’ll start to see a whole new world with a shit ton of possibilities. And, you might start being a ‘lil wacky like me and calling out the shit you see in the world. Not accepting it. Deciding, enough is enough.

I mean, if you ask how I got started, this was it. I couldn’t stand to watch the world go to hell in a handbasket and so I chose to do what I’m best at and that’s to heal and get people to be real.

Go try this very basic but super powerful exercise, even if it’s for shits and giggles because there’s a reason why you even clicked this article and there’s a reason why you read it to the bottom. And if that’s all true, there’s a reason why you should do the exercise.

You’re the reason, so be real!