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Episode #2: What’s Your Changemaker Archetype?

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Welcome to episode 2 of LIT. My name is Ravi Toor and I’m your host. If you’re new, don’t forget to listen to episode 1 to get a full understanding of LIT. If you’re coming back, thanks for joining me again. Today, I want to talk more about you, the Changemaker. In my last episode, I talked about staring this podcast to basically support Changemakers across the world. Now, I want to share the different Changemaker archetypes with you so you can get brainstorming.
Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ve decided to support a pretty rad Changemaker organization by using their prebuilt archetypes. These archetypes are brought to us by The Story of Stuff Project or SOS, a not-for-profit organization having honest conversations about the toxicity we’ve found ourselves in as a planet and people.   SOS has created 6 archetypes that truly fit Changemakers so if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it, right? Let’s get into the 6 types so we can find out what types fit you.


The first archetype is a Builder. Builders are just that, the type that don’t wait for change instead, they get right into change by getting their hands dirty. Builders use engineering, design and science to create change for the better. Their focus? The planet and the People or their communities. The focus here is building sustainable methods of sharing resources and creating stronger communities. How does a Builder accomplish this? Oh man, really, it’s limitless. A Builder would be interested in starting up say a business, that’s focused on doing good for the planet and the People. This type of business is typically a hybrid of a standard corporation and a not-for-profit organization. A builder may create a community garden and write about the effects of global warming on food production while providing solutions in a tangible way. Or, a Builder creates innovation that changes the auto sector to renewable energy vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint all the while creating jobs for locals to ensure economic growth for not only the business but the community too. The key here is hands on. So, let your imagination wander a bit. How could you, the Builder, get your hands dirty while providing sustainability for the planet and the People?


The next archetype is my favourite. It’s me! The Nurturer. We make change possible. How? Nurturers are always supporting Changemakers, providing help in any which way to ensure a Changemakers efforts are never thwarted. Nurturers are a source of strength for the cause. That means Changemakers can often rely on Nurturers to help replenish their energies through support in whatever way whether that’s listening, providing food, tools, you name it. Nurturers are all in at all times. Willing, able and ready. So, how does a Nurturer do it? Well, in many ways. A Nurturer can start coaching Changemakers to ensure their efforts are realized. Nurturers could set up organizations where they share resources with Changemakers like lawyers or financial resources. Nurturers also teach things like meditation, yoga and other brain and body sustainability methods. Of course, you’re listening to a Nurturer’s way of providing support. Think about it, Nurturers can start up Podcasts, YouTube channels and other social platform programs in efforts to reach the Changemakers to help them continue their work. So, is this you? If it is, how can you support the Changemakers of today?


Ok, so we’ve talked about Builders and Nurturers, let’s now move on to Networkers. Networkers are some pretty cool people, man! They’re the connectors. Networkers understand the importance of bringing people together for a common goal. They introduce Changemakers to the right people, ensuring Changemakers are connected and always moving forward with the people or organizations they need as resources. Often, Networkers are outgoing, the life of the party, the one everyone knows. This is a BIG deal for sure! Without Networkers, connections wouldn’t be so easy. So, how does a Networker make it all work? Pretty simple. Networkers usually work themselves up the line to get into a place of recognition. Networkers are often well known and are people who have different interests that create opportunities to meet different kinds of people. Networkers don’t actually fit an exact job description. Again, your options are limitless as long as you invest your energy. So, if you’re the life of the party, the one everyone knows, how did you get there? And what can you do to keep your precious Rolodex growing?


Ok, Builders, Nurtures, Networkers, now, let’s move on to Communicators. These bad boys are the info sharers. Communicators share their knowledge, wisdom and information with other Changemakers. This not only builds power but, Communicators continue to build the momentum of power. With their information, they’re able to spike the interest of Changemakers so the Changemakers can move on their legacies, bringing us closer to a better future and world. Communicators typically share their information in creative ways. Maybe they’re actors leading in films directly related to global change. They may be artists creating music or other forms of art to inspire change and to share information. Typically, you’ll find a Communicator dressed as an author or speaker. Their goal? Spread the information and news to create global change. So, does a Communicator fit you? How can you create change as a Communicator?


Alright, Builders, check. Nurturers, check. Networkers, check. Communicators, check. Whew! We’re almost there, only 2 more to go! Let’s move on to Resisters. Goddamn, Resisters have a special place in my heart. The archetype name says it all, but let’s break it down. Resisters are the front line faces. You’ll often see Resisters standing up and against injustice often in civil disobedience, halting projects through things like lawsuits, injunctions, demonstrations, and blockades. We all have faces to demonstrations. Think The Dakota Pipeline, The Keystone Project, Occupy Wallstreet, or Sisters in Spirit Vigils. Resisters have balls and say fuck that to anything that disrupts eco-life, impacts the People in a negative way and usually risk their own lives to stand up against wrongs. Any Changemaker interested in creating a meaningful impact has a bit of a Resister in them. Resisters typically are on front lines but can show up in really progressive and impactful ways such as labour leaders, civil activists, giving TEDx talks, and starting organizations geared towards activism and impact. Part of me doesn’t have to ask it, but I gotta. Does the Resister fit you? How can you take your badassery to the next level?


Ok, so, we’ve gone over Builders, Nurturers, Networkers, Communicators and Resisters. Now, we want to talk about the Investigators. This archetype is the whistleblower. Investigators are about truth. They dig deep in their fact-finding sessions, going deeper than all the other archetypes. They need to know it all, often learning, reading, and inquiring. Investigators are the researcher types and often use their researched information to expose lies. Investigators not only ask the hard questions but they’re unafraid to follow the bread crumbs to the darkest parts of the subject just to ensure the People have all the facts they need to know about what’s really going on. That means Investigators have no problem calling out things the way they really are. They often stand out of the crowd with “conspiracy” like thoughts but we all know, conspiracies today are usually closer to the truth than what we’ve been told. So, you’ll see Investigators talking about correlations between environment and cancer or exposing state secrets. Often Investigators are science and fact-based and typically write or speak about their findings. Can you see the Investigator in you? Are you able to see where you really could take your skills?


So, there you have it, the 6 Changemaker archetypes. Often, Changemakers find they don’t simply fit into one of these archetypes instead, as Changemakers, we often have a percentile in each of them. My hopes here are to ensure we clearly understand you so we can map out your direction. Although I’m totally against fitting in a box, I believe it’s advantageous for us to understand our strong suites so we can tailor our change to us, making it easier to affect change. It’s really all about getting started, gaining momentum and creating impact.


I am curious, what archetype did you find yourself intuitively gravitating to? I want you to reach out and share that with me. You can shoot me an email at or DM me on Twitter. My handle @toorravi. If you’re even more serious, it’s time you took my Changemaker Assessment so you can get an accurate big picture of your Changemaker strong suites. But most of all, I want you to really focus in on the stuff that intuitively stood out for you. If you find yourself resonating with the Communicator, go back to my blog post or relisten to that part again to get your creative juices flowing.


Remember, don’t just listen, use this information to kickstart your brainstorming session of how you could really affect change in 2019.