LIT Podcast

Episode #30: Rewiring Your Subconscious: Where To Start

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Welcome to Episode 30 of LIT. My name is Ravi Toor and I’m your host. Over the last 3 episodes I’ve spoken to 3 strong women about their journeys and the things they think played a huge role in their success. Today, I want to go deeper into listening to your gut feeling, or your inner voice.

Over the course of your life, you’ve been programmed. Actually, if you think about it, you’ve been programmed before birth. What I mean is this, before you were born, your religion, your family, your name, your language and your geographical location, just to name a few, were all picked out for you. Your beliefs and values as a family system were also already picked out for you. Therefore, as you entered into your new world as the clean slate you were, immediately this world of ours started to impact you with preprogramming or conditioning. This is where your subconscious programming began.  

You, as unaware as you were, soaked it all up because you’re a sponge in the developmental years of 0 – 6. Your psyche’s thirst drank it all up and then some.

Once you entered the stage of 6-7, you developed a pretty solid core of beliefs all picked up from everything around you. As the absorbent one, you mastered the art of observation, assimilation, communication, and understanding. You became a representation of all that you’ve learned thus far.

Then, as you made your way through life, you picked up on other beliefs. These beliefs came from your experiences and from others in your community. A setback may have instilled failure within you. A momentary stutter, when asked to speak in class, may have given you fear of public speaking. A sharp-tongued statement about your worth from your parent during a moment of their own personal battle may have left you believing you’re unworthy. A rejection from a job interview may have left you believing you’re incapable. Someone ignoring you at the party may have left you believing you’re not beautiful or fun.

Damn, right? It’s not all negative but for the sake of what I’m trying to do today I’m sticking with the negative beliefs because these are the ones that hold you back from accessing your truest potential as a limitless person.


Now, let’s get real. I’ve given you some examples of possible events that may have taken place in your life, but I’m sure you’ve had different ones, real events in your life, pop up in your head as I’ve been talking.

Now, I want you to consider this for a second. For all those events that rolled through your mind, pick one. Zero in on it for a second. Now, think about how it’s affected you, that very specific memory, how it’s affected you throughout your life.

These memories, emotions, and events stay with us for a very, very long time. Actually, they stay with us forever until we decide to admit to, surrender it and declare a new, more accurate belief. That means, getting real with yourself. Knowing your own worth through challenging the beliefs that’ve been set before you, which you’ve absorbed, and recognizing the lack of validity within these beliefs.


Why do this?


Those beliefs become the voices you hear. As programmed individuals, the one thing that’s not been programmed within us as religiously as other things is our inner voice. Listening to that intuition of ours, or our authentic voice. Listening to you about your desires, your strengths, your capabilities, and your purpose.

Instead, we’ve been programmed to listen to society, to our parents, to our friends, to the status quo.

So, to think today you’re operating on your own beliefs and voices alone is a bit foolish. You’re operating on the beliefs of the voices from the events that meant the most to you. The things that impacted you the most.

And because of that, based on the voices that comes up, you may never take that chance, you may not believe in your skills, you may not be clear on your purpose and you may lose the gift of a lifetime.

That gift is you.

You’re your greatest gift, you’re your compass, you’re your voice and everything else shouldn’t interfere with the one thing that can never be changed, your inner voice.

That inner voice is the voice that represents your true will, your true desires and it’s the voice of your intuition. Your intuition knows best. And the more you cultivate it, the stronger you become. You start to choose authentically, you become more authentic and your life design is authentic.

You’re able to sift through the bullshit of other people’s judgements, opinions and emotions, and you’re able to double down on yourself as a skilled, talented and remarkable being.

Your intuition also helps when you feel lost. This voice will guide you in the right direction. The direction of your authentic path. So, when you’re feeling lost, like you don’t know what to do next, you can’t figure out why negative things are happening to you, and you’re in a state of despair or depression, it’s because you’re so fucking disconnected from your intuition, from your authentic inner voice.

Your gut feeling will bring you clarity. It will bring your peace, and it will bring you guidance so you can get yourself unlost, unstuck and unfucked.

But how do you wade through years and years and years of programming to get to that super soft voice that’s not connected to your cognitive responses?

You practice.

First, you need to admit to yourself what doesn’t serve you. Does the voice of your mother serve you? Is that opinion of your coworker valid? Does another person really understand your capabilities? That’s a hard no.

Remember, opinions are subjective. Just like you, others also have gone through a rigorous programming themselves. That means, their opinions are laced with massive subjectivity based on their own predesposed conditioning and experiences. That means, they themselves can’t even think clearly because they’re so fucking conidtioned too. So, i gotta ask who’s leading here?

When you become objective about your beliefs, you can begin to easily detect which beliefs serve your highest purpose, and your highest good. The ones that do not serve you can be discarded as unnecessary or a corrupt files.

Now that you’ve become objective and you’re challenging the voices, the next step is to replace those corrupt files or beliefs with ones that are more authentic to you. Challenge the belief by creating a list of polar opposite beliefs. One’s that are empowering and accurate to who you are. And when I say accurate to who you are, I’m not saying base this off of past experiences or off of someone else’s opinion – remember, your Ego’s gonna fight you tooth and nail right to the bitter end, which means, at every stage of conscious reprogramming, you Ego’s gonna come up reminding you of more and more negative events to keep you locked in that negative belief. And trust me, the more you challenge the louder your Ego gets. You’re going to challenge the belief and your Ego the entire way anyways.


Challenging and rewriting your internal script is key to reprogramming.

And the last step is to practice listening to your authentic inner voice. Take time each day to spend some time in solitude so you can listen to your intuition. This voice is a soft, soft voice. It doesn’t come up quite like the Ego’s voice, however, it’s there, you simply have to pay attention.

Developing out your authentic voice means you must practice every single day to create a strong bond and communication system between the voice of your intuition and your cognitive self. You need to be able to recognize the voice though it’s different communications.

Your intuition can come up as a verbal voice or it can arise as a feeling, as a sign, basically anything that’s non verbal, like communication in general.

Learning to decipher your intuitive voice allows you to really connect with you are, and start to walk the path of least resistance.

Sitting in solitude, in a meditative practice helps you to quiet your cognitive processes so you can connect with that soft voice of your intuition. Remember, your intuition doesn’t speak from your mind, instead, it comes from your belly and the authenticity is confirmed through your heart. That’s why it’s been coined as a gut feeling. Although you can access your intuition at anytime without being in a meditative practice, you have to be able to develop it from there as you’re overloaded with stimuli that makes it really difficult to connect.

Breathing, as I’ve basically shouted it out in the past, is the easiest way to get used to being in a meditative state. This breaks the stimuli and helps you refocus on yourself. From there, you’re able to ignore the other voices more easily. You’ll be able to decipher between the different voices that come up for you so you can zero in on your intuition’s voice. And you’ll be able to hold communication longer with your intuition.

These are the basic principles of reprogramming the subconscious. This is the foundation to changing the course of your life.

The more you recognize how programmed you really are, and how vital your intuition is to this game of life, the more you will start to recognize things aren’t exactly what they seem. I guarantee you will start to recognize your own worth.

You will start to question negative events in your life.

You will start to question the opinions of others.

You will start to question your life.

And when you do that, you open up the world of possibilities. You become hyper-aware of your ability to control your own life, regardless of the constructs in front of you. And for all you woo-woo’s out there, you will start to realize you can manifest at rapid rates when you choose to connect with your intuition.

Remember, you’re not alone in this world, you’re with you, you’re with your intuition. That’s the greatest asset you have! And it’s fueling the greatest gift to this world which is you.

Double down on your efforts to recognize your gut feel, to hear your intuitive voice so you can remove programming that no longer serves you, expanding your horizons through the power of authenticity.