LIT Podcast

Episode #31: Do You Want to Live a Holisitic Life?

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Welcome to Episode 31 of LIT. My name is Ravi Toor and I am your host. I cannot believe we’re 31 episodes in! Before we begin the episode I’ve gotta say LIT has been one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! I wanted to thank you so much for following with me throughout this journey. One thing’s for sure, if you’re a dedicated LIT listener, you’ve not only learned from the things discussed in the episodes, but you’ve also learned a bit of my process through this show’s journey. You’re getting clear on dedication, time, patience, persistence and determination. So, thank you for following me, my voice, and really, your heart.

Now, let’s get into today’s episode. 

Today, I want to talk about the thing that came up in little nuances throughout the last 3 episodes. That was a holistic life or approach to life. With each of the guests, each of them described how their personal values, perceptions of what was needed in the world, and their need to live happy while making money were all aligned with taking a holistic approach to life. 


So, what does that even mean? 


In essence, that means creating a life by design or on purpose. What I’m talking about is finding out what you really, really want out of life. What’s the meaning of life for you? What brings you the greatest joy? Right now, what’s in the way of joy and you? What’s the problem in your life? What’s the problem in your world? How can you be the solution? Where can you apply yourself to be able to get the most out of life and work…I mean, you do spend 90,000 hours of your life at work. 


Think about that for a second. You actually spend a third of your life at work!

That’s a whole lotta time. Do you love what you do?

How does your work life affect your life in general?

Is your work aligned with your values, I mean fuck, is the work you do aligned with you? 


These are the real questions to ask when you feel woke. How much of your life are you spending on living a joyous and fulfilling life?

Most would answer, they’re just not. But there are ways to change that.

Each of my guests, including myself, looked at our problems. What wasn’t going right or what was missing?

For me, it was a mix of all of that, right? I wanted a better living wage, I valued equality for all, I cherish this earth like you don’t understand and I want to protest, create change, innovate… but all that, trying to do all of that doesn’t work.

I don’t get anywhere, I get pissed, I live a miserable life where I’m trying to go in all sorts of directions but I’m actually going nowhere. No, sir, that shit didn’t work.

So, I had to get creative. What did I want? What were my skills? What could I do?


I decided to do what I do best. Support. I decided to support Conscious Leaders in their innovations to create change. I decided to take my diverse background full of wisdom and growth and apply it to helping others to achieve the same in their area of focus when it comes to social impact. 

I utilized what I knew, and what I was good at but also, what I loved. That, to me, is no doubt living a life by design, choosing a holistic approach. Instead of chasing money, instead of chasing prestige, instead of chasing, I opted for what made me happiest and I stopped with the whole chase bullshit.

The same can be said for my guest Lauren. Remember, she took her background in dance, saw a need and decided to combine her need to do social good, doing what she loved all the while making money. She too is living the good life.

The best part is this, those living around us are living the good life too.

We impact those around us. What we do, they see, they feel, they learn from and they understand. At first, they might all think you’re crazy. What the fuck is she actually doing?

But after a while, even those around you can’t help but be impacted in a good way.

Living a holistic life where you’re doing what you want and enjoy, and you’re enjoying what you do and what you’ve built is a massively rewarding lifestyle. It also has the energy to impact those around you. The more that’s done, the more people are impacted. Now, think about the massive ripple effect this can have on changing not only your life but society, right?

It’s as easy and as complicated as just that. When you change your life, when you make the focus you and address the things that aren’t working for you or are having some sort of negative effect on your life, you create change. When you explore what change needs to be created, you get to the root of you and your values. When you get to the root of you, you tap into the gift that is you. 


And that’s where the real fucking magic happens! When we tap into you. That’s where we pull out all the ingenious, all the innovation. You can tap into your intuition, into abilities you didn’t even think were there.

Then you impact those around you. They are seeing you living your best life, they’re seeing you beam from happiness. It’s contagious. They want some. But they also see you filling a need because you’re not putting up with shit anymore. You have a solution. You’re over the bullshit.

And from there, others get creative, they ask you question on how you did it, you show them what you can, they learn from where they can, and voila, you’ve just created a little movement that has massive impacts, and it all started with working on just you.


So, here’s the deal, you finding your happiness, creating a holistic life, well, after all of that, it’s pretty evident that you’re the key to happiness in this world. You’re the solution everyone needs. You’re the one that has the ability to create change for all of us. And if that’s true, I’ve gotta ask you, what are you gonna do? 

Are you going to keep living the life you’ve been living, watching the time tick by, or are you ready to tap into your potential and create the change we all need?

Cause, remember, it all starts with an idea. But you’ve got to be open enough, listening clearly to the thoughts that matter. The thoughts that have the ability to create positive change.

And, well, that’s tough to do when there’s a shit ton of other stuff swirling in your head. It’s hard to do when you have judgment screwing up the voices in your mind and body. When there’s judgment, whether it’s coming from someone else’s voice, or whether you’ve adopted it as your own and it’s launching its missile straight at you, there’s nothing else that gets through. It’s like a frequency that jams everything else up.

To clear the judgment, you’ve got to clear your subconscious, you’ve got to build your interior as strong as your exterior, and you’ve got to have the determination to do it. To challenge yourself, to challenge those voices and to choose something way more powerful than just a voice lodged deep in the mind of the past. You’ve got to be willing to step into the now, into the light and you’ve got to be willing to trade in the fight against yourself for a fight for yourself.

You’ve got to choose to make the choice to be brave, to be willing, and to be persistent. You’ve got to be willing to choose you.

When you do, you choose change, and when you choose change you embrace the mark of a movement more powerful than all that holds you back.

So choose.