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The truth…

Leadership isn’t something you’re either born with or not, it’s a skill that’s developed.

Everyone has the capacity to be a leader. We simply need to balance ourselves to be effective leaders.

To create impact, you must define your authentic leadership, create your plan, and execute it.

This challenge is here to help you do just that.

I say:

“Revolutionize your leadership to create meaningful change without changing who you are!”

The challenge…

Traditional leadership training hasn’t gone far enough. You’re trained to be inauthentic, lead forcefully, and dominate. This leaves you outer-directed and limited in your vision.

You experience reactive decision making.

You compromise your integrity.

You struggle with low morale and confidence.

You lack effective strategies.

You are inefficient with your time and goals.

You are filled with worry about your future.

Utimatley, success cannot be achieved.


Time To Do It The Sustainable Way

Our Mission

To empower Conscious Leaders to reach their full potential, helping create universal harmony, equality, and fairness leading to global impacts. 
We teach you how to understand and manage yourself.

You learn how to communicate authentically and intentionally.

You develop a deep awareness of the systems that surround you.

You develop strategic thinking.

You, ultimately, succeed and support others in succeeding too.

Karla White

 “Ravi is a brilliant Executive Coach who really understands how to get the best out of people and teams.

I had the pleasure of working with Ravi and was able to witness firsthand, the impact she made on her clients. What really impressed me about Ravi, is her natural ability to provide clear perspective needed to deal with difficult challenges and her genuine commitment to supporting her clients in achieving their personal and professional goals.

I recommend Ravi to organizations and individuals who are looking to develop further. She is highly skilled and brings a wealth of experience to the table.”

Amber Brooks

“I’ve had the honor of working with Ravi over the past few years and have personally seen the complete transformation she’s had on emerging leaders and, consequently, their movements. It is nothing short of miraculous. Her ability to pinpoint obstacles for reaching lofty goals and develop strategies for overcoming them is unmatched.

She’s the guiding force behind some of the most phenomenal shifts in thought leadership you didn’t even know about. She will be your best-kept secret and secret asset in changing the world with your important, disruptive, critically-needed mission.

If you’re reading this because you’re considering reaching out to Ravi for support on leadership development, conscious impact strategies, or coaching, do yourself a favor… stop overthinking and just reach out personally. One call will tell you how crucial it would be to work with her. “

Ashley Cheeks

“Ravi Toor is such an amazing mentor and thought leader! When I first spoke with her, I was already “successful” in many ways. However, I needed a special kind of mentorship to get through blocks and learn how to manage my goals for my own life, in addition to the goals I have for helping others in powerful ways through my business.

After our first call, she left me feeling heard, understood, and helped me with a level of clarity that I had no idea I could achieve. As we know, you need to have that clarity first, in order to achieve any goal fully.

I highly recommend Ravi to any developing leader – she’s the bridge to reaching your ‘next level’.”

Sandra Kaye

“Ravi helped me see that traditional business advice wasn’t working for me and encouraged me to do things my way. Her guidance in untangling the “shoulds” and patriarchal standards I was holding myself to eventually led to me getting a diagnosis of ADHD. She helped me see that how I wanted to live and run my business was the way I was meant to do it. Her confidence in me fueled my own self-discovery and has led to a business that I love running.”

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